Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Undercover agent Ilona Hardy of the Paranormal Investigation Division (PID) is on a mission: infiltrate a werewolf pack to gather intelligence about this elusive supernatural species. To catch the attention of Cole Tanner, the only confirmed werewolf in Los Angeles, Ilona poses as a human hunter of the werewolves’ worst enemies: vampires. Ilona’s cover story quickly lands her a gig as the local werewolf pack’s vampire hunter, with Cole as her partner. 

To her surprise, confusion and growing horror, Ilona finds herself captivated by Cole’s charm. She begins to question her loyalties, something that has never happened on any other mission. Her focus unravels further when one of her vampire victims insinuates that the director of the PID may be in league with the Tsar, the infamous, unidentified vampire king. 

By the time Ilona manages to sort through the confusing information and her conflicting emotions, the Tsar has set his plan to eradicate the werewolf packs in motion, using Ilona as both bait and executor. She now has to choose between the organization that has provided her with a purpose for the last ten years and the pack that might become her family – and double cross both sides in a desperate attempt to stop them from eradicating each other. 

90.000 words

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