Monday, April 1, 2013

March Writing Tally

At the end of every month, I compile a tally of my writing achievements: what I worked on and how much I wrote. This way, I hope to monitor myself a little and see the progress I make:

- 19.657 words total
- including 32 pages of script

- 15.781 words total
- including 50 pages of script

Before I get to my tally for March, I must include something cool that happened to me this month: I got to meet author Dan Wells. Yes, I did! I even have evidence: I'm in one of the pictures! 

I must admit, I felt a bit starstruck, seeing as Dan's the first best-selling author I've met in person, but he quickly put me at ease with his easy-going, down-to-earth manner. 

My favorite Dan-quote, which has me all kinds of inspired, was this: "Being a full-time writer is even better than I expected. And I thought it would be awesome!"

Best book club evah! :-)

Okay, back to the point of this post:

March Tally

- One assignment for my Screenwriting Studies at 1.119 words (for which I got a straight A, woohooo!)
- Three chapters of my UF novel, which total 9.552 words
- Four chapters of the Chamaeleon Chronicles, 8.544 words
- Revision of the pilot episode with a lot of cutting rather than adding, ergo no additional word count to speak of.

Summing up, I wrote 19.215 words in March. As always, it could have been better, but slow and steady wins the reace.

And here’s another tidbit I treated myself to: I had the pilot episode of my TV-series printed out and bound into this nice little package:

So what if the chances of this version of my pilot being adapted to screen are as high as the chances of me ever watching The Ring again (I prefer to sleep at night, thank you)? Printing and binding my pieces is part of the process for me. It shows that I finished something. So, kudos to me! 

My goals for April:
- Two assignments for my Screenwriting Studies
- Write and post at least three new ChamChron chapters (approx. 6k words)
- Continue my UF novel, at least 10k words