Tuesday, February 21, 2012

On TV-Series, the Brilliance of

I realized the other day that I never used to watch series at all, except of course the kid-classics like Looney Toons, Tom & Jerry and Thundercats. Since 2007, though, I've acquired quite a big list of series I adore so much that I've watched every episode, most of them several times. 

Such as (in no special order): Frasier, Gilmore Girls, How I met your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Wildfire, Black Beauty (I feel the guys smirking. Whatever. I like horses. Sue me.), Scrubs, Heroes, Alias, Only Fools and Horses, Open all Hours, Allo Allo, Modern Family, 30 Rock, Friends, Buffy, True Blood... I think that's it. The last five series I'm not quite as familiar with as the others, but I think they still count. 

What impresses me about series like these is the (mostly) consistently great screenwriting. The eps are funny and entertaining, something new every week, something I hunger to experience and recreate - the former, sadly, being enormously easier than the latter. So much work must go into the scripts, I can't even imagine...

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Feedback On My Novel

A friend of mine finished my book and pointed out a few inconsistencies I'd worked into the story beautifully. Heh. Have to correct those. She said she liked it, which helps the warm and fuzzies in mah belleh. Incidentally, she's the friend I'm looking for a present for (see last post), so she's getting an extra little something from that cool gadgety-website.

I'm writing a little every day. Mostly just a very little, but I figure that's better than nothing. During the day, I have ideas aplenty, but when I sit down to write after work, getting them down on digital paper is very sluggish and slow-going. Exhaustion does not enhance my inspiration - I wonder if it does for anyone.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

On Housewifey Gadgets, The Coolness of

I was looking for a birthday- and housewarming present for a friend of mine and came across this great German website titled "The Modern Housewife". Granted, there's a lot of kitsch to be had - and I mean a LOT, stuff I could only scratch my head at; at least I have no use for a wicker basket filled with ugly stuffed kitties - but there are so many things I never knew I wanted and now desperately need. An onion-cutter, for instance. Of course I don't know if it works how I imagine it to, but if it does, wowza! So much easier. Or this herb-grinder - who knew there was such a thing? Again, sounds so much easier than cutting the stuff into little pieces with a knife. There's also a beautiful salad-bowl-set made of acacia wood for not even ten bucks. 

And that's just some of the cool stuff for the kitchen. 

Obviously, I'm not much of a housewifey person, or haven't been so far. But I love gadgets and never knew how many cool ones there are for around the house. Not just entertaining stuff, but things that really make cooking / washing / hygiene  etc. easier, faster and more fun. When I order for my friend, I'm ordering a whole bunch of stuff for myself, too.

Other fun things I never knew I needed:

Cow Draft-Stopper

Sexy Mousepad

Friday, February 3, 2012

Ringing In The Weekend With Random Thoughts And Katherine Heigl

Ouch! I just got zapped by my stereo! And then my laptop! This new sweater-thingy I'm wearing is very staticky.

My new phone makes strange noises that don't seem to mean anything. I keep running over to it, expecting a new text message but I only get disappointed. 

On the writing front, I've really started in on a new story. I keep getting the very strong urge to start typing away at work - as in: I'm working in a spreadsheet on budget-stuff and instead of numbers there'll suddenly be words on the screen, poured there directly from my brain, it seems... which is kinda great, to be honest. Haven't been this inspired in ages. 

:-O There my cell went again!! *Paling-beep-beep* Somebody please translate....

Okay, now it's just messing with me. This time there was actually a new mail to be found. Sneaky phone, that. 

Have a nice weekend, everybody! Wear your Nanook-of-the-North outfits. You'll n-n-need them, at l-l-least in these p-p-parts. 

By the way, I wonder how Katherine Heigl weathers the cold and if she was wearing some cute jacket and hat. She's here, in my town, visiting her German relatives. There was a press conference in the town hall and everything. A couple of girls ditched school, sneaked in and got to ask her some questions. It was all over the radio. Unfair, really; In my school-days, when you played hooky you got in trouble (not that I ever did, of course). Today, kids ditch school, meet Katherine Heigl and become five-minute celebs themselves. 

And no, I'm not kidding. She really was here (not that I got to see her myself but celebrity visits are fun when they're in your hometown, so I want to share):

Ms. Heigl with our mayor, Mr. Zieger.