25 Random Things About Me

What to write in the About Me page? My hobbies are listed on my profile, so I didn't see the point in going into them again or writing the usual bla-bla. Instead, I decided to post something that made the rounds as a sort of game on Facebook at the beginning of 2009, which I found a lot of fun because it tells you stuff you might not have known about a person. So, here goes: 

25 Random Things About Me

1. Without chocolate, I’m unbalanced.
2. I sing in the car and the shower.
3. I’m a good cook but I burn every cake I bake.
4. If I ever have a house of my own, I want a library in it, with one of those ladders that slide along the shelves. 
5. I don’t like movies/stories without HEAs.
6. I start doing everything too late yet finish on time nevertheless. 
7. I’m an artist. Not many people can make their stick-men look like epileptic spiders. 
8. I write a lot better than I draw or paint (I think). 
9. I suffer from erythrophobia – you’ll have to look up what that is, because if I tell you, I’ll start blushing.
10. I have a smutty mind. Except the erythrophobia kills any pleasure at innuendo. LOL
11. My favourite cocktail is Tequila Sunrise. 
12. I’d rather be too hot than too cold. 
13. I buy a postcard of every city I travel to and stick them on my bedroom-walls. 
14. I have what I call Indiana-Jones dreams. Every time I go to sleep is an adventure. 
15. I’m not spontaneously witty. It takes me forever to come up with a funny response, by which time, of course, it’s too late. 
16. I constantly mix up June and July.
17. I hum Rod Stewart’s ‘Sailing’ to my horses.
18. I want to get up early in the mornings, otherwise half the day is wasted. On the other hand, the bed is soooo comfortable…
19. Snoopy is the coolest dog in the world, and Hobbes the wisest tiger. 
20. I've watched all seven seasons of the Gilmore Girls at least eight times. 
21. I love plants and flowers. My bedroom has the jungle-feel. All that's missing is Tarzan. 
22. When I’m hungry, somebody had better feed me, or stay out of my way!
23. A yellow traffic light isn’t red yet, right? 
24. The craziest thing I’ve ever done was to ride a dragon. Then I woke up. 
25. It took me a week to come up with 24 random things about me. I guess I’m rather boring. Or very modest. Bwahahahaaaa

PS: Numbers 13, 20 and 21 are new - the rest is still as true as it was in 2009. Does that mean I'm not evolving / growing or that I was already mostly perfect three years ago? ;-)


  1. I’m happy to nominate you for One Lovely Blog Award. The rules are the same as those for a Versatile Blogger Award. Check them out here: http://versatilebloggeraward.wordpress.com/vba-rules/ Congratulations! —Jadi

  2. I've always wanted a library with the sliding ladders (and those ubiquitous little green lamps everyone has on American TV)! And I have probably watched Gilmore Girls as many times.
    Great idea to do the random questions, by the way.