Monday, June 10, 2013

May Writing Tally

May was a great month. A great month. I finished the first draft of the UF novel I've been working on since December 2012. I'm still kind of in awe, but more about that in the next post. This one's about the numbers, and boy do I have big ones this time. 

First, the previous tallies:

January: 19.675 words
February: 15.781 words
March: 19.215 words

April: 27.336 words

May Tally:
Last month, I concentrated almost exclusively on the novel. Ergo, the numbers summed up like this:

- 11.010 words for Chamaeleon Chronicles
- 38.393 words for my UF novel

In total: 49.403 words in May. 
Holy. Moly. 


Now, for June I need to focus on a few other things as well, primarily my screenwriting assignments. I want to hand in at least three of them, otherwise it might get a little tight towards the end of the studies in September...


  1. Pia Newman - you ROCK! Congratulations on finishing your novel. 49,403 words in May. Wow, wow, wowsers.

  2. Thanks, Nancy!
    It's a great feeling when you power through. In the end, there's always something to show for it. :-)