Friday, April 1, 2011

It Had Me At Hello

Mary Glickman tells her inspiring example about never giving up on your passion and the fruits it can eventually bring against all odds and time.

Writer’s write. It’s what we do, whether we’re published or not. It’s what we are: our essence, our life-pulse, our zen. It’s what completes us. What “had me at hello" - at the first word I ever scratched onto a piece of paper (my name, of course).

I get itchy fingers when I don’t write for a while. My fingertips hunger for computer keys to tapdance over, or a pen and a piece of paper to scribble on. Ideas pile up in my mind until I get cranky and antsy and have to jot them down. It’s either that or go insane.

Getting published would be the cherry on top. A sweet, juicy, orgasm-inducing cherry - but not the love affair itself. Affair in this sense being that lifelong passion - writing.

Writer’s write. End of story.

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