Monday, April 4, 2011

Flowchart, Reviews And TBRs

Here's a fun (and oh-so-true) chart by Kate Hart on how to get published. 

Also, this is a happy day - I have a second follower on the blog! Welcome, Sonia! I enjoyed your “The People In My Head” posts - my Muse has never manifested herself in person, animal or otherwise, but she sure is a blabbermouth extraordinaire. Ms. Inner Critic (mine's a gal, too) frequently capitulates before her dictations and goes to sip caipirinhas on a beach in the Caribbean somewhere while Ms. Muse is on a rampage. Then they switch - they prefer to haunt me one at a time, so that they don't have to fight it out and are nice and rested when they return to me.

Bea, my first ever blog-follower, recently posted a review on Bea's Book Nook, based on which I'm now ordering The Thieves Of Darkness by Richard Doetsch for myself. That was an intriguing review, Bea, thanks for pushing me towards new books I would otherwise never read. 

Other books I'm excited about receiving with my next Amazon book batch are Warrior Wisewoman 3, an annual anthology series of science fiction featuring powerful and remarkable women, as well as Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen. I watched the trailer for the latter the other day and now can't wait to see both the movie and read the book (in that order, then the movie can't be a letdown). The fact that Robert Pattinson's character is called Jacob had me chortling... 


  1. You're ordering a book based on one of my reviews? Hot damn! You're the first person I know of to do so. :) :) Awesome news.

  2. Hehe, nice to be somebody's first. ;-)
    Yep - it's on my to-be-ordered-next list (I really need to get that done this weekend or I'm going to run out of readables).
    I'll let you know in the comments of your review how much I liked it when I'm done.

  3. Be gentle with me please, I'm fragile. :P

    I did have a request last night from an author that I please remove my spoilers from the review I did of her book. Umm, seriously? No. I don't typically do spoilers but I felt that I needed to in order to adequately explain my problem with the book. I even stated that in my review and I clearly marked the review as containing reviews. She was polite and stated her reason for her request but it was still a WTF? moment for me.

  4. Sigh. I marked my review as containing "spoilers"; of course the review contained "reviews" or so one would hope! :D

  5. I figured. :-)

    At least you know the authors read your reviews. ;-)

    I agree with you - so long as the spoilers are clearly marked, I think it's okay to leave them in. From the author's point of view I understand not wanting the important plot points revealed before people have read the book for themselves. But, as an author, you also have to be aware of the fact that reviews are being written - which is a good thing, even if it's not an A++++ review, because it spreads word of your book - and that they can contain spoilers. I think if an author started trying to stem that tide, s/he'd end up doing nothing else, and next time the reviewer might not review his/her book if the author complained about the first review.

    Did you respond to her request in any way?