Thursday, April 7, 2011

Borders End Of Days

I have no words. Empty shelves. What a sad sad wasteland.

Even though I order a lot of my books via Amazon, I hate to see bookstores - real stores with real shelves where you can run you fingers along gleaming book spines and browse through first page after first page - disappear. And we're not even talking small, independent bookstores; if a giant like Borders doesn't make it... I won't finish that thought. It's too depressing. But I'm adding a resolution to my New Year's List: Buy More Books At Bookstores.

We have a beautiful bookstore in a picturesque old timbered building by the park in Esslingen. They carry English books, too, if only a small selection. But I'm sure they can order additional ones, as well. I'll have to ask. *makes mental note*

I hope my someday-kids will never ask "Mommy, what's a bookstore? Or a library? My teacher said they used to be all over and that they sold or lent you books. So, like, e-readers with books on them? Doesn't make sense..."

I think I'd cry. 

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