Saturday, September 10, 2011


As a half-blood jinn, Thalestra Ford can play with fire without getting burned. Problem is, the heat can come from many different directions.

Direction Number 1: Iblis, the most powerful jinn in existence, a.k.a. Daddy Dearest. He makes an appearance after twenty-five years of radio silence, commanding Thalestra to track down his missing rival ASAP. Typical.

Direction Number 2: Lucien, said rival, a rather unconventional jinn. Tracking him down is a piece of cake, but the idiot has gotten himself captured by humans and the paparazzi have caught wind of this sensational news. When Thalestra breaks him free he shows his gratitude by declaring her his mate. Hard luck for him she won’t bind herself to another jinn. Ever. No matter how intriguing or persuasive he may be.

Direction Number 3: Agent Dean, Mr. Ambitious. Of all the human factions (scientists, paparazzi, religious fanatics) now hot on their tails, the newly appointed head of the Paranormal Activities Division is definitely the biggest threat to Thalestra’s and Lucien’s unhindered bickering-ever-after. Well, unless you count...

Direction Number 4: The magi High Lords. They enforce one strict law, the breaking of which is punishable by death: Never ever alert humans to the fact that magic and its wielders are real.


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