Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Putting My Query On The Blog

The incomparable Janet Reid wrote an interesting post on her blog about how she nowadays sometimes does click on links or visits websites of aspiring authors looking for an agent, and how it is a good idea for said author to always be prepared for this possibility.

Since, in such instances, she's on the lookout for information on the book(s) - a query, first pages, an overview of the world building, whatever - it's a good idea for the author to make such information easily accessible on his/her website or blog. Else, that amazing chance is over and done with quicker than you can say 'Aww, maaaan!' and jab your ever-scribbling pen into your aorta.

So I'm listening to her advice and putting the query for my first novel, Magic Under Fire, and a description of my work-in-progress, Dream Raider, on this blog, in a hopefully easy-to-find way.

If you can't find it quickly, would you be so kind as to let me know?
Thanks! :-)

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