Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Holiday Hiatus

... not that I've posted much in the past two weeks, but since I'm off on holiday on Saturday and probably won't have time for another post until then, I'm taking a blogging break until at least October.

Actually, I've been taking a good long writing break. From any kind of writing, period. Life and stuff - like preparations for the holiday, it's unbelievable what you have to think of for just two weeks - have kept me too busy. But I'm definitely taking a notebook with me to Cornwall, where I'll be backpacking with my brother. Oh, the stories we'll tell when we get back...

It's going to be interesting, to say the least. Neither my brother or I have ever been backpacking, let alone done much camping. I think I hold the record between the two of us with about six days of camping. And now here we are, with nothing planned except the flights to London and back, and a reservation at a B&B in St. Austell for the first night. (We thought it better to ease into this backpacking experience without doing the camping thing on our first night. :-))

So there, that'll be my new writing/blogging/scribbling fodder, probably for months after we get back.*

By the way, if you want an example of an amazing blog by an aspiring author (whose debut YA dystopian will be on sale in November), check out Grab a Pen. 23-year-old Tahereh Mafi is funny, authentic, energetic, interesting - she had a hoarde of followers on her blog before even nabbing a publishing deal. Just from reading the blog I can't wait to get my hands on her book, Shatter Me.

*If we get back - we might decide to become permanent extras for the Rosamunde Pilcher movies that are always filmed there, or fall in love with some picturesque little fisherman's village we'll never want to leave again. Or be lynched by said fishermen for insisting on installing this new-fangled thing called interweb or world wide net or some such in our little cottage that we'll rent from the old man in his beat-up hat with his rusty boat. I bet you can't at all tell what sights I expect to see on this trip...


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