Sunday, April 12, 2015

My Writing Paradise

I recently went on a ten-day vacation in Florida, with the full intention of finishing round three of revisions of my work-in-progress by the end of it. I would have made it, too - if the solution to a few issues I still had with the plot hadn't popped into my head some time around day four. After figuring out how to integrate said solution, I realized I'd never manage to add the necessary seven to eight chapters (this would also help me up my word count, the lowness of which I'd been fretting about) in the next six days. So my self-set deadline for revision round three has been bumped back to the middle of May. But...

I'm glad that I finally found this solution. I'm especially glad that I found it now, before I finished this revision round and then would have had to tear it all apart again. I'm glad I didn't waste that time. In the end, it would have taken me longer to finish the entire revision process if I hadn't figured this out now.

Which brings me to the point of this post: I can once again confirm that I seem to write best when near a large(r) body of water. My mind feels 'looser', inspiration flows more freely, ideas are presented with less effort. I'm sure some of this can be attributed to the fact that I was on vacation and more relaxed in general. But it doesn't happen on every vacation that I find my way back to this urgent need to write, which used to hit me much more often, especially in my teenage years. I love to write, but that feeling that I must write right this second or spontaneously combust has gentled. Around water, it tends to flare up, which made the Sunshine State - with its hundreds of miles of coastline, and myriad number of lakes, rivers and swamps - a writing paradise for me. How could it not, with vistas such as this:

... and this: 

... and this: 

Does anyone else have their own personal writing paradise - a place or even places that have this certain energy that makes you breeze through those chapters? I'd love to hear about them.

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