Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September Writing Tally

This was a better month than the last, word-count wise:

I handed in two assignments for my scriptwriting studies, which totaled at 8.735 words. This took up most of my time, though I did manage to get 4.707 words in for my current UF-novel-in-progress, plus 1.658 words for a tentative new project that might end up being a novel or a movie-script; not sure yet which is the better format. 

Overall, that gets me to a total of 15.100 words in September. That's more than I expected, so yay! :-)

Previous tallies: 

January: 19.675 words
February: 15.781 words
March: 19.215 words

April: 27.336 words

May: 49.403 words
June: 20.329 words
July: 33.900 words

August: 1.132 words

How has everybody else's writing been going?

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