Thursday, October 17, 2013

Birds of a Feather Writers Retreat 2013

Want to know how to have the perfect writing-themed vacation? Here's a recipe.

First, the basic ingredients:
- Four writers
- Five days
- A "remote" location by a lakeside (f.e. Lago Maggiore in Baveno, Italy)
- Hotel reservations at the aforementioned location

For some extra zest:
- An "Opium Den" / "Harem Room" at the hotel
- Red Wine (how much is up to the individual, but the more copious the amount, the more you'll not want to tell...)
- Incredible pizza, pasta, tiramisu etc.
- "Hair trains" for the hair-sluts
- A Skype session with the "Lost Bird"
- A vow - signed in blood - that what happens at the writers retreat, stays at the writers retreat. Whoops, too late. (Well, we didn't sign in blood, so...)

- Indiviual writing project targets

- Low expectations on reaching said targets

Here's what happens:



Boat Rides

Pensive Moments

Artsy Moments


Hanging and Writing at Rock Pubs - Cheers!

Quiet Moments

Lots more Sillyness
Skyping with our Lost Bird(s)

Serious Conversations
Serious Emptying Glasses of Red Stuff
(c) Photo by Writerlinz ;-)
Always looking for the perfect shot
(c) Photo by Writerlinz

Oh yeah, and writing! Yes, we did get some writing done! :-D

In Cafes...
(c) Photo by Writerlinz

...and the Lobby
(c) Photo by Writerlinz

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  1. Can we do this again, REAL soon?! And be roommates once more?