Saturday, February 9, 2013

My Most Anticipated Movies Of The Year

I luuuurve movies. And watching them in the cinema. And spoilering myself with as many trailers and infos as I can find. 

So here's the list of my most anticipated movies for 2013 as of today (since there will probably be many coming out that I don't know about yet). It's rather eclectic. At the end of the year, I'll look at this post again and recap which ones I saw and of those, which ones delivered or disappointed.

The release dates are those for Germany, which don't necessary coincide with the premieres. 

14th February

21st February

Safe Haven

7th March

Oz The Great And Powerful

7th March

The Croods

21st March


22nd March

The Host

29th March

The Big Wedding

26th April

1st May

24th May

24th May

24th May

7th June

7th June

28th June

3rd July

26th July

2nd August

23rd August

4th October

31st October

22nd November

What movies are you looking forward to? Any potentially good ones I missed?

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