Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Writing Tally

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to compile a tally of my writing achievements at the end of every month; what I worked on and how much I wrote. This way, I hope to monitor myself a little and see the progress I make. 

So, for the January 2013 summary:

- At least 50% of my writing time is spent on my screenwriting studies. Of course, that's a lot of reading and studying and not so much writing (yet), except for the assignments. This month, I finished two, which come down to about 1,000 words in total.

- 1 writers group exercise for the February Meet of Writers in Stuttgart. 444 words. 

- Blog posts: 3, which total 663 words. 

- Paranormal Romance novel: approx. 10,000 words.

- Pilot of a TV-series: 32 pages (7,550 words, just to keep to that measure of counting, though in TV I hear it's all about the number of pages. A script for a 1-hour show is usually somewhere between 40 and 50 pages)

All in all, I'm satisfied. It could have been a bit more, I suppose, but it's not a low count, by any means. Aside from the studies, I spent most of my writing time on the pilot for the TV series. If I keep up this pace, I should have it finished by March. *knocks on wood*


  1. I feel really lazy now. Great job, Pia!

    1. Thanks!
      But you at least have your book basically finished. Still hoping for that miracle to happen to me for the second time ever. ;-)