Monday, January 28, 2013

Insight on The Avengers Movie

Over on The (Comic) Beat, screenwriter Todd Alcott shared his very detailed and interesting insight on The Avengers in his post

Everything you EVER wanted to know about THE AVENGERS movie

The Oscar nominations were announced the other day. To no one’s surprise, the screenplay for The Avengers was not among them. That’s a shame, because the screenplay for The Avengers is a startling model of precision, density and propulsion. It manages to juggle no fewer than ten wildly disparate main characters in its ensemble cast and give each of them weight, clarity and purpose. Dear readers, I’ve worked on many a comic-book movie, none of which ever got near production. To get one superhero narrative to work is damn near impossible; The Avengers soars with seven.
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It's amazing how much thought goes into every little scene, action or dialogue. That's why screenwriting is so difficult: you have to show, insinuate, create unconscious impressions in the viewer. 


  1. I'm very interested in your posts about screenwriting, Pia. It seems close to novel writing until I really start to think about it deeply. Thanks for sharing your journey!

    1. Thanks, Nancy. I'm glad you're enjoying it. :-)

      I always find it interesting how similar certain things about novel- and screenwriting actually are, while still being so very different. I've tried 'transcribing' parts of my favorite novels into script, and that is NOT easy, even with the 'cheat sheet'.

      Hey, you've given me an idea for my next blog post(s): I could write one on similarities and one on differences...