Thursday, November 22, 2012

Writers In Fiction

I make no secret about being a TV-series junkie. They are high up on my list of all-time favorite past-times, because you get to follow your beloved characters for years, not just ninety minutes like in a movie. At the moment I'm hooked on a new-to-me series called Castle. Not only does it star Nathan Fillion - Shiny! - as the main character Richard Castle, but Castle is also a successful writer of mystery novels. Add in a beautiful and savvy lady homicide detective, delicious, skin-crawling suspense and just the right amount of humor, and voilá - a mystery series that has held my interest all the way up to the current fifth season (impressive, since mystery usually isn't a favorite genre of mine).

But enough with the praise - promoting Castle isn't the purpose of this post. Rather, it got me thinking about how many movies, TV-series or books might be out there about writers (though not necessarily about them actually writing). There's no deeper meaning or purpose behind this query, just a curiosity to see how many I can think of.

Off the top of my head, I was able to come up with the following (that I've seen and enjoyed):

Castle (TV-series)
Stranger than Fiction (Movie)
The Answer Man (Movie)
Californication (TV-series)
Paperback Hero (Movie)
Shakesepeare in Love (Movie)
Music and Lyrics (Movie)
As Good As It Gets (Movie)
Becoming Jane (Movie)
Finding Forrester (Movie)
A Lovesong For Bobby Long (Movie)
Romancing The Stone (Movie)

I'm sure there are more I've seen or read, especially books, but I can't think of one. I'm probably missing something mind-bogglingly obvious... Let me know if you come up with any, so that I might smack myself on the forehead with a D'oh!, Homer-Simpson style.

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