Thursday, December 23, 2010

What Rudolf Can Teach Us

Everybody knows Rudolf the red-nosed Reindeer's story. Here's a very short summary.

Rudolf was different. The other reindeer laughed at his glowing red nose and didn't take him seriously. Until one day Santa spotted Rudolf, and recognized this reindeer's potential as guiding-light for his sleigh, and Rudolf was granted the great pleasure of being Santa's top dog - err, deer. From then on the other reindeer loved Rudolf. And he did go down in history.

What does this little story show us? 

There are many ways to be different in life. Being eccentric, having same-sex tendencies, walking around barefoot even in winter, talking to trees, not wanting to be rich, not shaving, doing extreme-sports, not wanting children... basically anything that varies from the norm. But what exactly is the norm? To me, 'the norm' is a very fluid concept. And the best thing about it: you can define it for yourself. It doesn't matter what others' versions of the norm are. So long as you like and know the strengths of your red-glowing nose (there are always good things about being different, and not just because the world would be boring otherwise) you can enjoy it. 

Your difference can make you shine - if you let it. It makes you an individual, makes you stand out from the norm. You are wonderful, you are beautiful, you are awesome. The others will catch on to your awesomeness sooner or later. As Santa and then the 'normal' reindeer did with Rudolf's. Just don't try to hide it. Santa would never have discovered Rudolf if he'd smudged dirt over his nose. You are worth being loved both in spite and because of your differences. They make you you. And knowing who you are is cause for a celebration, because so many people these days are lost in their lives, trapped by the confinements and demands of society. 

Define your own demands for your life. Define your own norms. Stay true to them. Then you'll be free of them. And happy. 

Merry Christmas!


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