Thursday, December 9, 2010

Query Revision, First Person POV

I went through another round of query revisions today. I changed something major by writing the whole thing in first person point of view. I have no idea whether that's usual or particularly accepted. Right now I think it's the best one I've come up with so far, but I'm holding my horses. Two rejections in as many days in response to my last revision has dampened my mood a tiny bit. A 'mosquito testicle' bit, as a true Swabian would say. I want to let my enthusiasm cool down enough so that reason can have a say in the mix before I send it out to more agents.

Speaking of horses: I just watched Black Beauty for like the twentieth time. I still cry like a newborn feeling the sting of the doctor's hand on its bum. The book is one of the first ones I remember my dad reading to me and my brother that didn't have pictures in it. Through the eyes of a horse we see humanity at its best and at its worst. It had a great influence on me concerning my handling of animals. Thank you, Miss Anna Sewell, for adding such a gem to horsey novels and a gentle reminder to treat others as we would like to be treated. 

Now, on to something not very writing-related for a change. But I'm excited and need to vent. And possibly rant, but only a little.

Okay, rant first.

My car's a goner, most likely. I took it for its bi-annual check-up for the vehicle inspection sticker, without which it's not allowed on German roads. Guess what? Head lights and tail pipe need to be replaced, which would cost about 800€. My parents (whom the car belongs to) are contemplating whether it's worth paying for repairs - again. It seems this car needs repairs done at a yearly average rate of about 2000€. Can you say lemon?

My parents basically left it to me because they don't need it anymore. I don't necessarily need it right now, either. I take trains and busses or walk most of the time anyway, because it's cheaper and I can read. It's just nice-to-have when going on trips. I might need it when I start a job (when and wherever that may be), but once I have a job (hopefully by February or March next year) I can afford a car of my own anyway. If we're honest, it's not really worth repairing it again for the sake of two or three months... That, of course, is rationality speaking. *sigh* Emotionally, I feel a little blue when thinking about not getting Smartie back. I liked driving it, it's small and weird-looking and convertible, and it carried me faithfully from A to B over many years. But I guess a change is in order here, too. I'll welcome it; it has come at the right time.

So, not so much of a rant after all. Just nostalgia bringing a tear to my eye.

The other exciting thing is: I have a job interview tomorrow. I plan on blowing their minds with my awesomeness. (If he read this, Barney Stinson would be proud.)
Wish me luck. 

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