Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pilot Handwriting

This is cool: PilotHandwriting lets you capture (your) handwriting, so you can use it to write emails. 
Not mine, but my sentiments exactly. :-)

Really, it took five minutes, if that. (Showing a screenshot of my own handwriting in my blog is one step beyond my abilities, though. Sorry. *rolls eyes*)

Now, if only this could be used in MS-Word, it'd be even more fun. 

Of course, a real handwritten letter is still the most special mode of communication, IMO.  They've become as rare as the quills they used to be written with, which makes receiving one a happy and good-mood occasion. As romantic as candlelight, sunsets and red wine. 

On the other hand, as a writer, I'm really thankful for computers and the corresponding advances in writing methods - I type a LOT faster than I write by hand. If I wrote all my stories by hand, I wouldn't have half as much done by now, and it'd be a gallimaufry of unreadable scribbles. 

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