Saturday, October 16, 2010

Making the Novel shine - Addition

Georgia McBride's blog Newbie writers: Watch out for these big writing no-no's is a great summary of what rookie authors need to be aware of. 

While polishing my novel over the last half year, I've noticed I fell prey to several of them, especially numbers 4, 9, and to some extent 11. I'm almost through what I'm going to make the last edit for now (at some point, it has to stop. I need to move on, or I'll go insane), and I believe I got a good handle on those mistakes. My only worry is that my style isn't witty or original enough... I love witty prose along the lines of Ilona Andrews, but find it hard to do myself. Of course, wit isn't everything. It wasn't even mentioned in Mrs. McBride's post, only the originality. 

So I'm going to compartmentalize my worries about my wit, finish this novel and then send it out into the world again. Every baby leaves the mother's protective grasp at some point. I'm about ready to push this baby out the door with a kick in the butt. Guess I'm not feeling protective anymore. At some point, baby has to speak for itself. 

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