Sunday, December 20, 2015

Interesting Tidbit about Debut Sales

Interesting post on The Huffington Post the other day: What Should Authors Expect to Earn? 

According to The HuffPo, 25,000 copies is a "sensational" sale for a debut novel. 15,000 copies will garner enough attention to get a publisher interested in the second book.

For someone working in the automobile industry, selling 25,000 copies sounds like peanuts. Most car companies wouldn't even fire up their production lines for such a measly number of units. 

[I guess that proves it: books ain't cars. Just in case you weren't sure.]

The following comparison might put the above-mentioned author sales into a more relatable perspective: Madison Square Garden seats up to 19,830 people during a basketball game. So if you sold your book to every spectator during the next Knicks game, you'd make a publisher sit up and take notice. 

So the question all debut authors should ask themselves is...

When's the next Knicks game? 


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