Sunday, October 4, 2015

TBR Pile Time

I love book nerds. They come up with the coolest things...

Do you have a To-Be-Read pile as high as Mount Everest? Well now you can calculate how long it'll take you to read all those books (under the assumption you won't aggregate any more), with this TBR Time Calculator from Read It Forward. 

I immediately let it estimate when I'll have decimated my TBR pile at the rate I'm going: four years. 

Four. Years. My pile will be razed to the ground by Augst 27th of 2019. Twenty. Nnineteen. 

I guess that time-frame indicates I either have a million books to read, or am just a really slow reader. To be honest, it's a bit of both. If I'd used this calculator when I was a teenager, it would probably have told me I'd be done in two months. Alas, these days I'm lucky if I have 30 minutes a day of reading time. 

Teen-me would want to kick threen-me's ass for that. Then again, threen-me sometimes wants to kick teen-me's ass for not realizing how much free time she had. So I guess we're even.

Has anybody else tried the calculator? When will you be done with your TBR-pile?

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