Sunday, September 28, 2014

Cover for Backnang Stories

About a month ago, I blogged about two of my German short stories being accepted for an anthology, in, of and about my home town, Backnang. We were now given some facts and figures by the publisher.

The anthology will include 20 stories by 16 authors on 208 pages. The first edition is in print right now, and publication is set for 26th October. And we have a cover! 


Contrary to my usual genres, both of the shorts I submitted are contemporary, so neither the UFO nor the dragon were inspired by my stories. But I can't wait to read the stories with the sci-fi and fantasy spins. If I'm lucky, there'll be an urban fantasy thrown into the mix. Things going bump in the Backnang night - geil!*

*'geil' = German, literally means 'horny', but also slang for 'cool', 'rad'.

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