Sunday, August 17, 2014

Backnang Stories - My First Publication!

 grew up in Backnang, a small(ish) town in Southern Germany (even though it sounds like somewhere far East). A small publisher recently opened shop there, and decided to publish an anthology with short stories in, around and about Backnang, called Backnang Stories. A call for submissions went out to all who live or once lived in the Backnang area. I decided to foresake my current streak of writing soleley in English for this opportunity to be published, and noodled around with ideas for a while. I finally wrote and sent in two short stories, hoping that at least one of them would make the cut. 

Imagine my excitement when I received an email five weeks later and found out that they both did! Squeeeeee! 


And definitely some of this:

That was about six weeks ago. Since then, the stories have been through a round of revisions, and I sent in a short bio. My part is now done, at least until the book is published in October, and presented at the annual Geese Market (the name isn't Backnang's only quirk). The authors were asked to make an appearance, and there's also a reading lined up at the local library in November, with a couple more being planned. We authors get our own mini book tour! 

So yeah, I'm excited. Every publication counts, right? This might be the tiniest of baby steps in my quest to some day earn enough money with writing to give up my day job, but it's a step. I'll take it.