Tuesday, August 20, 2013

July Writing Tally

Well, huh. Color me surprised. I got a lot more writing done during my three-week vacation in July than I thought, despite the fact that I was only able to write by hand into notebooks. With pens. On paper. Scribblings that I have been transcribing to my computer chapter by chapter. I'm finally done, so now I don't have to guesstimate (between 10 - 15 thousand) the word count any longer.

I worked mainly on my current Urban Fantasy project and wrote an amazing total of 33.900 words. *blink blink* 

So much for getting less done when writing by hand. Then again, it was vacation. I had a lot more time than usual. 

Except for transcribing it, I haven't worked on the UF project since July. So my word count for August will be dismal, consisting only of the assignments I've been working on for my screenwriting studies. I need to focus on those for now because I have three big ones left and time is running out. If I don't send them in by the end of September, I won't get the diploma. So everything else is on the back burner right now. 

I can do this! I know I can, I know I can.

Here's wishing everybody a productive rest of the month, too.

Previous tallies: 

January: 19.675 words
February: 15.781 words
March: 19.215 words

April: 27.336 words

May: 49.403 words
June: 20.329 words

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