Friday, March 1, 2013

February Writing Tally

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to compile a tally of my writing achievements at the end of every month; what I worked on and how much I wrote. This way, I hope to monitor myself a little and see the progress I make:

Here's the January Writing Tally
- 19.657 words total
- including 32 pages of script

February Tally

- Five blog posts, which total at 1.887 words.

- Three chapters of The Chamaeleon Chronicles, which total at 5.479 words.

- My Screenwriting Studies took a step back this month. I only read through the material and didn't hand in any assignments, mostly because I was focusing on...

- ... the first draft of the pilot episode for my TV-series. My goal was to finish it by the end of February and - I did it! I wrote "End of Pilot" at the bottom of the script on the 28th, at exactly 11pm. Which means I wrote fifty pages in February (8.425 words). Which also means that the script, at 82 pages, is at least fifteen pages too long. Actually, more like twenty.

- 15.781 words total
- including 50 pages of script

My goals for March are, in order of importance:
- Hand in two assignments for my Screenwriting Studies
- Revise the pilot episode
- Write and post at least three new ChamChron chapters
- Outline episode two, so I can start writing it in April at the latest
- Continue my UF novel

But today I'm going to kick back and celebrate the completion of a first draft. 

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