Sunday, February 12, 2012

On Housewifey Gadgets, The Coolness of

I was looking for a birthday- and housewarming present for a friend of mine and came across this great German website titled "The Modern Housewife". Granted, there's a lot of kitsch to be had - and I mean a LOT, stuff I could only scratch my head at; at least I have no use for a wicker basket filled with ugly stuffed kitties - but there are so many things I never knew I wanted and now desperately need. An onion-cutter, for instance. Of course I don't know if it works how I imagine it to, but if it does, wowza! So much easier. Or this herb-grinder - who knew there was such a thing? Again, sounds so much easier than cutting the stuff into little pieces with a knife. There's also a beautiful salad-bowl-set made of acacia wood for not even ten bucks. 

And that's just some of the cool stuff for the kitchen. 

Obviously, I'm not much of a housewifey person, or haven't been so far. But I love gadgets and never knew how many cool ones there are for around the house. Not just entertaining stuff, but things that really make cooking / washing / hygiene  etc. easier, faster and more fun. When I order for my friend, I'm ordering a whole bunch of stuff for myself, too.

Other fun things I never knew I needed:

Cow Draft-Stopper

Sexy Mousepad

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