Tuesday, December 27, 2011

True Events Flash Fiction - Wrong Impressions

We had friends from South Africa visiting us the other day, who told us a pretty amazing / gruesome / yike-sy story they heard from a doctor-friend of theirs. It sounds like something you make up for your regular's table, so I thought I'd share it. They swear it's true...

A patient is brought into the hospital with a knife stuck in his eye after a fight. With him is another man who is also bloodied and anxiously hovers around the stretcher, getting in the way of the nurses and doctor. The wounded man is taken in for emergency surgery and his companion follows him all the way into the operating room, where the doctor tries to throw him out, this being a sterile environment and all. The man won't budge, until finally a nurse asks him what the problem is, they will be able to operate better if he isn't in the room with them and maybe save his friend. To which he says: 'I'm not worried about him - I want my knife back!'

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