Monday, November 14, 2011

A Possible Publisher

On Friday evening I went to a reading of a Swabian author who writes very enjoyable YA and romance novels based in and around my home town. The reading was fun; the author has a fun style both in writing and reading that prompted a lot of laughs and made the half-hour reading fly by in what felt like half a minute.

The author is a friend of my mom's and - squee! - introduced me to her publisher. I asked him a lot of questions about publishing in Germany in general and his press in particular. This publisher is a smalli press that releases all kinds of books themed in, around and about the state of Baden-Württemberg, in which I live.

I've actually had some ideas about basing an urban fantasy in the town I currently live in. This town is very old and has a lot of history, including a legend about the devil visiting and being chased off with an onion disguised as an apple. The publisher said that sounds like something they *might* (a very careful might, but hey, at least he didn't say 'no' outright) be interested in and I should send him a two-page summary of a story before writing the actual book. 

Now that, regardless of my chances of actually wowing him with my summary, is a sweet deal. It means I won't have to write the whole book before shopping it around. If the idea doesn't appeal to him, he'll let me know and that will be that.

So now I'm kind of excited and amazingly motivated; I scribbled away at the summary all weekend. It isn't finished yet and I'm definitely not going to rush it and send it out without other people taking a look at it. I'm also going to start reading a few more German books again, to get back into the flow of that language. I usually write in English because I read most books in English and it flows a tad more naturally for me. But just a tad and I can work on that.

*still excited*

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