Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Creating A Book Cover - Hounded

In my last post, I raved about Hounded, Kevin Hearne's first installment of The Iron Druid Chronicles. The B-E-A-utiful cover is the first thing that jumped out at me, even in the form of the itsy-bitsy Amazon-pic in a list with many other books. 

Now I've found a Behind The Scenes Look with Kevin Hearne and his editor, on how this cover - and the others - was created. It's a fascinating process and I think it's amazing that the author got so much say in it. As far as I've heard and read in the infinite reaches of the interwebs, that's very unusual... but he definitely gave a lot of great input that really improved the cover, IMO. 


  1. A really useful great post. Thanks!

  2. Not sure it's going to be useful for me in the near future, but I know what you mean. ;-) I love such "Making-of" examples of how a book comes to life, especially when they turn out as awesome as these covers.