Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Flash Fiction Contest - The Orginial Sin

Another flash fiction entry of mine, this time for Suzie Townsend's The Original Sin Contest.

100 words, including Personal, Demons, Hellbent, Original and Sin. Bonus Points if you used the phrase "A Devil's Own".


“’Don’t take it personally’? How original! What happened to ‘let’s stay friends’?”

Hank shrugged. “I simply don’t feel a connection.”

“You’re a heartless… devil,” I spat, hellbent on making him feel bad - was that a sin in the face of such blatant contempt?

“Soulless, not heartless, when you speak of devils,” Hank, self-proclaimed expert on devils and demons, taunted. “Besides, I wouldn’t make deals with Satan for 

“But for other things. Remember?” I dropped my wounded wallflower façade. Oh, how I loved to play with the players. “Pay day!” His soul was mine. This devil’s own.

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