Tuesday, November 30, 2010

NaNo Winner And My New Daily Word-Count Goal

I did it!

Last weekend, between strolls through the Christmas Market and a bout of ice scating, I wrote the six thousand words that carried me valiantly over the finish line of 50k.

To be honest, those six thousand words are probably not worth the bytes they're saved on. A lot of rambling and not much plot development went into those scenes. But I'm confident that I'll be able to use at least one or two paragraphs when revising - as soon as I finish my master thesis which from now on has top priority. My pleasure writing must step down until the end of January.

I've been juggling NaNo, thesis and applications this past month, along with various social and sporting activities, and it's exhausting. Something has to go, or something in me will give. For now, thesis and applications are more important. *sigh*

Which is not to say I won't write at all. But I've limited my daily goal to 100 words, mostly to keep in touch and feel with my story. No pressure, though. For now, other writing must come first.

Good thing I enjoy the typing aspect of writing in itself a lot. I love to feel my fingers dance over the keys, the soft clicking sounds they make. I find it soothing. So even though I'm limiting my pleasure writing, I'm not forgoeing the pleasure of writing, or rather typing.


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