Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Interesting agent-side info on number of queries received vs. clients signed

From Her Snarkiness’ lips to our ears:

“[…] here's a waterfall of reality for you to bathe in:

100 queries a week (x 12 weeks per quarter)
5 partials requested each week
20 partials a month (x 3 months)
5 fulls requested a month (x 3 months)
1 new client quarter (in three months).

1200 queries
60 partials
15 fulls
1 client

Don't look at the numbers though; look at the percentages. Kristin Nelson gets 10x the number of queries I get, and takes on more people but I'm going to bet her ratio of query to representation is within spitting distance of mine.

It only takes one yes. The odds are meaningless because I don't have to take 1 and I can actually take more. If I got 10 great manuscripts in a given month, I'd be nuts, but I'd want to take them all.”

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